Welcome to Kidspace Psychology

As parents, our dreams for our children are often as vast, beautiful and open as the universe. It is with delight and wonder that we watch them grow, learn and develop, acquiring new skills and knowledge, discovering their special gifts, and forming meaningful relationships with others. During this exciting time of development, however, our children are often faced with experiences that can be challenging. Although they may be able to cope successfully with many of these challenges, there may be emotional difficulties, losses, transitions and unexpected life events that require some extra attention and support.

As a registered psychologist my role is to assist children, adolescents and young adults in managing their challenges by helping them understand their experiences and by providing them with the skills and insights necessary to overcome their concerns and improve their lives. I also frequently work with parents and caregivers to help them develop a better understanding of their child's experiences, strengths and needs so that they can create the life they wish for their child.

At my clinic, I offer a wide range of psychological services for children, youth, and families. In this space, it is my aim that clients, from little ones to adults, dream big dreams and live fuller lives.