Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Registered Psychologist?

A Registered Psychologist holds a Doctoral Degree in psychology and has successfully completed several years of university graduate education, engaged in supervised professional practice, completed a set of exams and belongs to a regulatory body. Within Ontario, the College of Psychologists of Ontario regulates psychologists to ensure that services are provided to clients in a competent and ethical manner. In order to become a registered psychologist one must complete rigorous post- doctorate requirements, including additional supervised professional training and a series of written and oral exams. Registered psychologists must adhere to a code of conduct and to ethical standards. They must also participate in quality assurance practices to ensure a good standard of care and continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

How can a psychologist help me or my child?

Frequently parents are faced with concerns as to how best to facilitate their child's development. Whether within the home or school setting, concerns can arise in terms of general development, learning, or social, emotional, or behavioural issues. As a registered psychologist, I am trained to assess such concerns and to provide treatment or recommendations about how to best support your child's needs. In some cases, an assessment may be recommended to examine concerns and develop insight into your child's needs and strengths. From this, a report is typically generated and shared with you. This report will provide assessment findings and include recommendations to facilitate with concerns, whether through academic programming to support learning needs, treatment intervention strategies, or referrals to other professionals (e.g. medical professionals) or community supports. When appropriate diagnoses are given which may help inform further treatment and support services. For adolescents and young adults, recommendations can be made to facilitate with transitioning into post-secondary settings. In some cases, as a registered psychologist I may provide treatment to facilitate with presenting concerns. During the course of treatment, I explore concerns with clients and help them develop strategies and skills to overcome or manage these concerns. Although a variety of treatment methods can be used, intervention is typically determined by the presenting concerns. With consent, I can also liaison with other professionals or agencies in order to ensure continuity of care.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment please contact me directly at my office.

Although doctor's referrals are accepted, they are not required.

What is the fee for psychological services?

Fees for psychological services depend on the nature of services provided and are set within the limits suggested by the Ontario Psychological Association. All fees for services are shared with clients before services begin. Although psychological services are not currently covered by OHIP, many workplaces offer partial or full coverage for these services through extended health care insurance plans. Any amount that is not reimbursed by your insurance provider is claimable as a tax deduction. Clients are encouraged to call their insurance providers to determine the details of their coverage.

How is information about me or my child collected and stored?

With consent, information is gathered through observations, interviews, questionnaires, a review of relevant records (i.e. school records, medical reports provided by you or gathered with your consent), psychological tests and treatment processes. This personal information will be stored in a locked cabinet in my office or, electronically as a password-protected file. By law, this information must be retained for 10 years after the client's 18th birthday or 10 years after the clients last contact, whichever occurs later. At that time, the information is destroyed in a manner that protects clients' privacy.

For more information about regulations related to the use, collection, and storage of personal health information, you may wish to view the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada.

Who will have access to the information that is collected and stored?

The information gathered during the provision of any psychological service will be held in strict confidence and will not be released to another party (i.e. school or medical personnel, other family members) unless you have provided your signed consent to do so. There are exceptions to confidentiality and privacy that must be upheld:

How is the Internet used in the provision of psychological services?

Due to reasons related to privacy and confidentiality, internet use is strictly limited to email for scheduling and confirming appointments. For personal information, telephone or voicemail is preferred.

What can I do in an emergency situation?

I provide outpatient services by appointment only. As such, I am not able to respond to crisis situations. If you are experiencing a crisis and are in need of immediate attention, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest hospital emergency.